Plied Sound is an award winning music composition and sound design studio based in Chicago. Our recent clients include Apple, Google, Chevrolet, Cisco, Toyota, American Express, Vicks, Ray Ban, K-Swiss, NPR, Nature Made, Square, Moe's and John Deere. Whether you're looking for composition, supervision or sound design, we hope that the scale, breadth and specificity of the brands that we represent speaks to our insatiable interest in exploring sonic terrain to pinpoint the continually evolving sound of our clients.

We have an encyclopedic knowledge of music from antiquity to the present and know how to use it. Continually trekking the contemporary musical landscape for new inspiration, we take interest in everything from orchestral tone poems to Norwegian black metal, underground hip hop to contemporary pop. We are rooted in classical composition, but have done time (10 years to be exact) as touring musicians. With masters degrees in film scoring from Columbia, a slew of award winning shorts (Sundance, etc), and enough commercials to cover the Super Bowl, you can trust our body of work. We do it because we love it.